COVID - 19 Response Updates | Shop Safely Online | CHIVANE

CHIVANE is working hard to provide you with a safe shopping experience so you can still get the fashion you love! Learn about our evolving COVID response.

Our Response to COVID

We are taking every step to make sure that our customers and employees are safe. Our team is continuing to work regular business hours, while also maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness in our warehouses and offices using methods recommended by the CDC to promote customer and employee safety. 

Our supply chain for merchandise has not been affected. All orders will be processed and shipped as usual. However, some international shipments are taking longer to arrive than usual. 

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this time of uncertainty. 

Our Dedication to Your Safety and Style

We are grateful that CHIVANE continues to be your top choice for women’s fashion online. Our commitment to providing you with affordable, stylish clothing continues during this unprecedented time.

Our desire to ensure your safety and wellbeing goes beyond the clothing and accessories that we have on offer. We also invite you to explore our line of face masks made in the USA. Our masks provide you with the opportunity to remain safe and secure while looking your best.

Although our face masks are fashionable, they’re also functional. They’re reusable, breathable, and they have the added bonus of matching your favorite outfits. Choose between KN95 masks, traditional cloth face coverings and 3D options with filter pockets that make it easy to breathe when you’re out and about. We look forward to shipping your new masks directly to your home.

We’re All in This Together

CHIVANE stands with you during these challenging times. We invite you to learn more about us and our dedication to your safety.